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Written by and hosted by April Visel and Sherron Sheppard   
Friday, 13 January 2006
equine art workshop
"In today's competitive market place, creativity is the only way to set your self apart."

What is it?: Combining many years of technical knowledge and emotionally charged artistic inspiration Sherron and April will infuse this workshop with numerous carefully planned photo shoots that include some of the most beautiful and majestic equine subjects in the world.  The on-location shoots will feature once in a lifetime settings including the golden beaches of Summerland and the spectacular mountains of Ojai.

A full schedule of highly specific, "hands on" Photoshop training expanding on the basic knowledge you already possess, our unique "Art" approach will help you understand how to merge the reality of a photograph with the artistic expression of a painting, producing an entirely new creative style.  As time allows, several styles of fine art will be explored, including but not restricted to, oil painting, watercolor wash, cross processing, pen and ink, pastel painting, digital infrared, custom deckle edges, custom burn and dodging, making images pop, adding a diffused glow, art history painting, porcelain glow, and other artistic styles. Basic Photoshop techniques will be covered as needed to create "Photoshop Art," including preferences for painting in Photoshop, layers and layer masks, removing distracting backgrounds, color correcting with variations, custom shortcuts, sharpening, custom brushes tool presets and more, including an introduction to Corelâ„¢ Painter.

When?: May 22-26, 2006

Where: Quickly becoming a retreat for the fast paced upscale population of Los Angeles and a brief drive from the Pacific Ocean, the Equine "ART" Photography Workshop is based in the artist community of Ojai, Ca.  With its enchanting atmosphere and natural light, the surrounding Topa Topa Mountains are a glow at sunset providing the infamous and beautiful "Pink Moment." Ojai provides the perfect backdrop and inspiring energy to allow attendees to free their minds in an environment suited for total creativity. 

How Much Will It Cost?: Please CLICK HERE for further information and pricing.

Sign up now and open up a whole new world of artistic expression!

Presented by Sherron Sheppard & April Visel

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